Can send a correspondence course series of 15 formal study courses on Tibetan Buddhism taught by Geshe Michael at the Asian Classics Institute in New York. Free to prisoners.

ASIAN CLASSICS INSTITUTE, attention: Correspondence Course, 7055 Juniper Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80908 U.S.A.

Colorado Cell Dogs

Dog training program in prisons including Denver Women’s Prison, Sterling Prison and Canon City Prison.

Mary Kennedy

Prison Outreach is an on-going, integral part of the Contemplative Outreach family. This important ministry is committed to support volunteers and organizations willing to serve the prison population.

Support consists of consultation, resources and access to a central database of all prison ministry activities nationwide involving Centering Prayer. We hope to encourage and assist those interested in beginning a prison ministry or to provide connections between practitioners already in the ministry who want to share and learn together.

Mary Wyman – CO Chapter Coordinator
San Francisco CA- development of Prison Outreach Conference/Retreat.

Barbara Cook – prison ministry
Hobby Unit- (women) Marlin TX, experiences with conferences and workshops

Douglas La Plant – prison ministry
SCI Rockview, Bellefante PA
Teaching “A Pathway to Freedom” course to men.

Khalilah Bilal – prison ministry
Bexar County Jail- San Antonio TX
Teaching “A Pathway to Freedom” course to women

Mary Wyman – CO Chapter Coordinator

Coordinators of Prison Mindfulness Institute’s Path of Freedom project at the Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center program.

Steve Jeffries
Larimer County Jail Intro Class

Intro classes offered at Larimer County Jail for women and men. Breath meditation, body scan, mindfulness. Rotational schedule of 12 participants at a time so everyone in the jail can get a chance to participate.  Facilitated by Dan Seido Morin.

Dan Seido Morin

We provide meditation instruction through correspondence and in person to prisoners throughout the United States. Meditation is taught and practiced as a spiritual discipline, depending on the needs of the inmates requesting our services. It is taught as a means of deepening one’s understanding of any spiritual path he or she chooses to walk, or as a secular path to increase understanding of one’s emotional patterns. Many inmates fear the mental states which resulted in their present circumstances, and they are extremely appreciative of tools that allow them to tame their minds and increase stability and tranquility in prison.

We write to prisoners nationwide – we have volunteers visiting 5 or 6 prisons in Colorado, and have visited 5 or 6 in Florida

Margot Neuman, Gary Allen

The SPC supports the meditation practice of prisoners by providing qualified volunteers (meditation instructors) to visit prisoners and prison groups in a ministerial capacity, meditation instructors who correspond with interested prisoners, meditation cushions,
books, tapes and other practice materials, and support for forming and ongoing prison dharma groups.

Prisons Served: Englewood, Canon City

Bill Karelis

Yoga Impact enables volunteers to engage specific populations within their own communities, using yoga as a tool to foster personal growth, communal change, and increased general well-being.

Boulder County Jail, CO and Morris County Jail, NJ.

Nancy Candea
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