I can’t believe I tackled my Grandmother . . .

Learning to meditate and reflect on things we’ve done when triggered, sometimes illuminates situations we aren’t proud of or feel regret about. And grappling with finding a path to forgiving ourselves and others can be painful.  It takes time to unravel all the...

We’re all a bunch of angry guys….

A prisoner in one of our Path of Freedom (POF) classes last week said: “We’re all a bunch of angry guys locked up together. (The compassion exercise) let me drop my judgments and get a sense of what it feels like for all of us.” Deep expressions of compassion...

Locked Up & Coping with the Holidays

Holidays can be hard to cope with, especially when you are in prison and far from family and the comforts of home. Prisoners in our classes report that mindfulness helps.  Susan, our POF facilitator in RI reports: Tough day after Thanksgiving at women’s facility today. What...

Remembering Stephen Levine

Stephen Levine from Engaged Mindfulness Institute on Vimeo.

Path of Freedom in Texas

Dallas PAL officers learning about various types of active meditation with Janna. Today we did Tai Chi and Qigong…. Posted by Dallas Police Athletic/Activities League on Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Sharon Salzberg speaking about PMI

Sharon Salzberg Speaking about PMI from Engaged Mindfulness Institute on Vimeo.

Jack Kornfield speaking about PMI

Jack Kornfield speaking about PMI from Engaged Mindfulness Institute on Vimeo.

Pema Chodron talks about PMI

Our dear friend Ani Pema graciously made this video about our work! Ani Pema has been on our Spiritual Advisors board since the late 1990s.
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