Angela Davis and Toni Morrison: Literacy, Libraries and Liberation

Updated: May 26, 2020

Photo Credit: New York Public Library

Photo Credit: New York Public Library

A great conversation between Angela Davis and Toni Morrison is posted on the The Liberator Magazine’s site.  From the article’s introductory remarks: “The road to recovery is meandering. It is even more twisted for those among us who are incarcerated, and who, often times, have landed behind bars because of behaviors triggered by our deep wounds and ugly scars. How, then, do the jailed build a sense of self within a structure that is designed to systematically demolish the remnants of dignity?”

Davis and Morrison spoke about incarceration, literacy, and books in prison as part of an event organized by the California Coalition for Women Prisoners.

Read the full post here.   The full video of the conversation is available to watch on New York Public Library‘s website, here.

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