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Booked: What To Read

Updated: May 26, 2020

A new book by TruthOut’s editor-in-chief Maya Schenwar, “Locked In, Locked Out,” looks at ways we can address the destruction caused to communities by our current prison system. In a recent interview, Schenwar describes a crucial part of her book’s message:

“In the book…I look at a bunch of different types of action that people are taking to create a world beyond prison. This is the kind of activism that is happening on a community level, to not only shut down prisons and decrease prison budgets (which is really important work) but also to build new ways of living that don’t carry the assumption that prison is the way that our society should deal with problems. This means things like transformative justice, restorative justice, community-based accountability, nurturing communities and reprioritizing resources.”

For those of us committed to transformative justice, and the idea that isolation and disconnection in prison actually perpetuates violence rather than combats it, “Locked In, Locked Out” promises to be an inspiring read.

Read the full interview here:

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