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Bringing Mindfulness to Prison in Southwest Ohio

From Yellow Springs News:

Whenever Katie Egart walks into the Dayton Correctional Institution, or DCI, she encounters locked doors. A door closes behind her when she enters an entry way that has another locked door in front. Guards search her, even though she’s a regular visitor. After going through another locked entry way, a guard escorts her to the prison chapel. Egart enters the locked doors of the prison — which houses about 750 women — two times a month, to lead a group of about a dozen women in mindfulness meditation. While going to the prison is itself stressful, she finds doing so fulfilling. “From the first time I walked in the prison, I felt this was the dharma gate I was meant to enter,” Egart said in a recent interview. Egart is one of several villagers who volunteer their time at DCI; the News is spotlighting their activities. What’s fulfilling to Egart is how many of the women in DCI have made a meaningful life for themselves, in spite of considerable obstacles. “I’m so amazed at the resilience of the women there, how they are making a life in a place where there’s so little life to be had,” Egart said. “I learn from them.”…

To read more of this article by Diane Chiddister for Yellow Springs News, click here!

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