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Drama (triangle)

Trisha and I facilitated the POF class last night at the prison.  Drama triangle was the topic.

I started the group off with a short few-minute meditation. I created the meditation a few days ago.  In brief, I gave a guided meditation starting with visualizing ourselves as a block of ice on the shoreline, and associating that with our bodies…solid, unmovable etc. and relaxing with that. Then, we visualized the sun’s intense heat that completely melted the ice block (us) into a puddle. The puddle drained into the ocean and waves on the shore. We identified with the waves rolling in and out as our breathe rhythmically rising and falling and we relaxed into that. I described how the intense heat began to evaporate some of the melted ice water in the ocean and the evaporated moisture blended with the clear blue sky. I asked them to visualize the moisture as their awareness and the sky as total openness without boundaries…and to relax into that. A couple of the guys thought that this meditation was quite helpful.

Next, Trisha facilitated check in. Each person commented on their meditation experience during the past week. Trisha skillfully asked some probing questions in a gentle fashion which helped the guys share more deeply their insights and fears. It was moving. Then, Trisha guided the Tense & Relax meditation. This meditation helped to create some contrast between tension and relaxation which was a perfect introduction to starting the Drama Triangle discussion.

I introduced the DT by drawing the inverted triangle on the blackboard in the classroom. Then I encouraged the guys to describe what the three main characters are in a good action film. And from there we created the full blown DT. We also did a role pay with three of the guys which was fun and got all the guys really charged up and on the edge of the seats. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and will discuss how to get off the DT next week. I told the guys that they would just have to stay of the DT until next week!  They wryly laughed.

The atmosphere in the POF classroom is increasingly warm, open and friendly. Trisha, Alan and I feel like we are contributed to a process that is really worthwhile, healing and beneficial for them and us.  Next week we’ll finish DT and spend the rest of the time reviewing the previous weeks material before moving on.

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