Helping prisoners heal through yoga

“Juliet Slogrove has always believed in the healing power of yoga.

Now the Bucklands Beach local is taking that healing power to the Auckland Women’s Prison.

Juliet took on the challenge four months ago when she signed up to teach yoga in the Mums and Babies Unit at the prison, and says it is the most challenging and rewarding experience.

“Our space is cold and noisy and, at times, the babies are noisy too.  As you can imagine, my pupils face unique challenges. Their situation is very stressful and most of them carry heavy burdens,” she says.

“Every class is different, I never know what to expect. It is wonderful to bring the healing power of yoga to them, to help them cope with their day-to-day issues but also, hopefully, to foster the development of coping skills that they can use in the future, outside prison.”

Juliet, who has been practicing yoga for 40 years, is supported by the Yoga Education in Prisons Trust (YEPT), a charitable trust that takes yoga and meditation classes to prisons across the country.”

To read more of this article by Therese Henkin for the Times Online (New Zealand), click here!

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