How One Judge Is Using Meditation To Bring Healing After A Crime

Updated: May 26, 2020

When Georgetown professor and Magistrate Judge Gretchen Rohr first met Erica Huggins in 1994, she was surprised to find that Huggins, who was formerly incarcerated and later released and acquitted of all charges, was not an angry person despite what she had been through.

“She was not at all what I would have pictured,” Rohr said. “She has an amazing amount of compassion and a great sense of peace.” When Rohr asked Huggins how she was able to do her work without getting distracted by hatred or anger, Huggins answer was simple: Meditation.

Rohr adopted the practice into her daily life, which helped her feel a deeper connection to the reason she entered law in the first place.

Click here to continue reading this article by Sarah Ruiz-Grossman in the Huffington Post.

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