Introduction to the Path of Freedom at Högsbo-anstalten, Sweden

Tonight is the night before we have our first introduction at Högsbo-anstalten, a prison in Gothenburg, Sweden. This is a medium security prison for people with addictions that has stated and shown a will to recover from that addiction.

We have been working the prison programme board for some time and they love it – now, the question is if the prisoners will be interested? The prison programme board wants us to do a couple of introductions before X-mas and then we will start up the actual Path of Freedom in January 2013.

This is the first time this is tried out in Sweden, but we have been lucky enough to have met a great interest from the programme board for this prison, and they have promised us to give the classes during the prisoners work time, so that interested prisoners can choose the Path of Freedom class instead of ordinary work. It feels kind of fortunate!

I took the webinar in May 2012 and Rebecka Arman in September 2012 and now we really look forward to see what comes out of this.



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