KC Walpole’s Trip! Day # 6

Miles Today: 377 Total Miles: 1,099

To read this blog, you would think that not only do we know what we are doing but that everything is going just ‘peachy king.’ Well the truth is that yes, everything is going just fine. I, for one am ever so grateful to have all the really big challenges up front. That way, hopefully. we can avoid much of same traps down the road. Speaking of roads.

Never depend on old memories as a guide to present planning. I lived in Pensacola Beach for a couple of years back in the 60s and on leaving Panama City we were going to have a scenic ride up the coast highway and a nice lunch on the beach. I think it was destine and the traffic was horrible. So, we cut north up to I-10 before my memories of yesteryear were contaminated by today.

We came into New Orleans during evening rush hour. Another big but big mistake. The traffic was so tight and slow that could have used a gas mask and think I left more boot rubber on the highway than rubber from the tires of my bike. Today there was an instant replay of our entry into New Orleans. On I-10 coming into Baton Rougue once again I left more boot rubber on the highway than that the motorcycle left tire rubber.

This is our one of four days on the road for some maintenance and rest so we stopped at a motel to dry out, do laundry and just catch up on the 10,000 this and thats. The manager was kind enough to let us pull our bikes into the courtyard instead of leaving them out in the street where they can be easily stolen.

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