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Michigan’s Buddhist monastery is taking meditation into rehab centers and prisons

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Meditation is challenging for Brandon Navin. It feels like it goes against the whole way he’s been taught to function in society, he said.

“I feel as though I feel I have to be constantly stimulated,” he said. “I feel as though I’m constantly dragged against my will, my thoughts and feelings.”

But meditation’s helped to change that.

Navin is a client at A Forever Recovery, an addiction treatment center in Battle Creek right by Saint Marys Lake. One of the tracks available for clients there is the “Awareness” track. Meditation is part of it.

Navin, 47, has been in many addictions treatment centers. He thinks A Forever Recovery is maybe the 10th, and he’s found it a different experience so far.

“It’s been somewhat enlightening, calmed me down, helped me stay more present, helped me gain more acceptance,” Navin said.

Three times a week, someone from SokukoJi Buddhist Temple Monastery comes to teach a meditation and awareness class at A Forever Recovery. A bus brings interested clients to the monastery’s brick building north of downtown, at 33 Anderson Court, twice a week.

To read more of this article by Natasha Blakely for the Battle Creek Enquirer click here!

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