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Mindfulness Helps Inmates Reduce Stress

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

From The Miami Times:

Doing time in prison is extremely stressful. Initially, one is stripped of his individuality and given a prison number, which becomes his new identity. From there, one is subjected to the harsh reality of sleeping on a two-inch mattress, placed on a steel bunk inside a small cell shared with another inmate. This alone can be stressful. Subsequently, one must endure prison shakedowns, lockdowns, incidence of violence and a host of other stressful events too numerous to mention here, while navigating through a hostile, sometimes volatile prison environment. One endures the pain of losing family members, friends and holidays spent with loved ones. He comes to know this as “prison life.” However, through the practice of mindfulness, life in prison can be very tolerable, not to mention the benefits derived there from. …

To read more of this article, by Charles E. Carter for the Miami Times, click here!

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