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Path of Freedom Achieves Positive Impact

Facilitators offer the Path of Freedom course developed by Prison Mindfulness Institute in correctional facilities all over the world. Staff often express appreciation for the positive impact they observe resulting from the course. A recent report from Rhode Island illustrates this. The facilitators were having dinner at a restaurant near the prison when they were recognized by the Corrections Officer that checks them in every week. He approached them and shared that while he imagined they did something like meditation, he wondered exactly what they taught. He thanked the facilitators for their work and shared that he and others have noticed a positive effect on the prisoners. He also expressed appreciation for the positive attitude and friendliness of the facilitators. He said he is glad that the Path of Freedom is associated with the prison. Research on the Path of Freedom and other prison mindfulness programs shows that such programs reduce anxiety and infractions and increase well-being. The curriculum trains participants to practice self-regulation, work with pain, avoid drama and communicate nonviolently.

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