Peace, Hope and Meditation

Updated: May 26, 2020

Born in Virginia in the United States, Sam Settle’s life took an interesting turn when, aged 21, he went to Thailand to undertake some international development work with the US Peace Corps. During the three years he worked with the Corps he did a couple of meditation retreats before ending up becoming ordained as a Buddhist monk. As a Buddhist master his time in the monastery entailed shaving his head, eating just one meal a day and practicing Yoga and meditation for five or six hours every day. “It was a great life,” he says, “and when I was there one of the things I heard about was the idea that people in prison were being helped to meditate. And I thought, this is a very powerful practice to learn and I can definitely see how someone who is locked up and may be struggling with all kinds of feelings, like shame and isolation and uncertainty – how this practice could really help them.”

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