Petition for Freedom of Religion for Canadian Prisoners

Dear Friends,

As a Buddhist practitioner and volunteer to a prison Sangha, I have seen how spiritual practice can transform lives and lead to true rehabilitation. Public Safety Minister Vic Toews is cancelling the contracts of all part-time, non-Christian chaplains in Canadian federal penitentiaries, with the expectation that the religious guidance of prisoners of all faiths will be provided by full-time chaplains, who are predominantly Christian.

This means that thousands of prisoners will be denied spiritual support that is grounded in their own faith and practices.

Please consider signing this petition which calls on Vic Toews and Stephen Harper to reverse the decision and uphold  the rights  of those behind bars. By forwarding this petition to your social networks (email, Facebook, Twitter etc.) you will be helping to make this issue visible to many more who believe religious freedom to be a cornerstone of a democratic society.

Thank you!

Barbara Lamb

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