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Photos in Ohio Juvenile Prisons

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Back in February, I sent a link for an article which included a series of photos (prisoners write to their younger selves) to my contact at the youth prison. I believe I got the link from either PMI or PMN via Facebook (–kinda the same thing 🙂

My contact finally responded, was very appreciative, and has shared the link with the social workers at the prison. they will use it in their group work with the kids. I was happy to hear that. I’ve often thought of what I would say to my younger self if I could write him a letter, so many things have happened in my life that I never imagined–good and bad. many of the mistakes I made were necessary for my growth, to serve as a vehicle for change. other mistakes were just really unfortunate and sad.

I recently finished the Path of Freedom class with Fleet Maull, Kate Crisp, and a cohort of very interesting and amazing people. it helped me look at my life experience and offered practical methods and pedagogy for me to manifest positive change in my life, and, hopefully pass that on to others. I highly recommend it to anyone doing work in prisons–especially mindfulness or any other kind of meditation.

meanwhile, Ohio continually has problems with it’s retributive justice system:

Feds sue Ohio over juvenile prisons

I hope to visit the guys again in April, and I want to spend more time with the meditation and less drumming. we’ll see how that goes over…”

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