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Study confirms the positive effect of yoga on prisoners

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

From Medical Xpress:

A new study strengthens previous results on the positive effect of yoga on prison inmates. In this study, inmates’ character maturity across several dimensions increased after 10 weeks of yoga. Those who participated in yoga classes reported an increased sense of responsibility, self-acceptance and control of their behaviors. “It is possible that a mature character can reduce the risk of reoffending, but it needs further investigation,” says Nóra Kerekes, professor of medical science (psychiatry) at the University West, Sweden. In recent years, research has shown that regular yoga provides positive effects on inmates’ mental health and behavior. “What we have seen earlier in our studies is that yoga practice is associated with decreased level of psychological distress, attenuation of antisocial behaviors and increased level of positive affect, impulse control and sustained attention. Now, we wanted to take it one step further and investigate whether these behavioral, emotional and cognitive changes could be measured in terms of character maturity,” says Nóra Kerekes.

To read more of this article by University West for Medical Xpress, click here!

To read the original study by Nóra Kerekes, Sven Brändström, and Thomas Nilsson on Frontiers in Psychology, click here!

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