The Prison Yoga Project, Yoga, and the Give Back Yoga Foundation are offering a special training for yoga teachers and students interested in working with the incarcerated.

James Fox, the founder and director of PYP, will lead the training drawing on his years of experience teaching yoga and meditation to incarcerated youth and adults including 8 years at San Quentin Prison.

This two-day training will include a wealth of pragmatic information about working with the incarcerated in their unique social/cultural environment, strategies for establishing yoga programs in prisons, and hands on yoga instruction in specific asana, pranayama and meditation practices that have been proven effective with prisoners. “Yoga: A Path for Healing and Recovery,” an illustrated instruction manual for prisoners written by Mr. Fox, will be provided with the training along with other pertinent materials.

To register for the Prison Yoga workshop:

Where: Yoga District, 1910 14th St. Washington, DC 20009 When: November 6-7th 12-5pm

Selected Quotes from Thank You Letters/Post Receipt of Book “Yoga A Path For Healing And Recovery”

The book “Yoga A Path for Healing and Recovery” has changed my life completely. I put it aside at first because I was intimidated by it. But I read the book and started the process and have a beginning sense of real peace and clarity. Thank you from the bottom of my charkas. A.A., Stringfellow Unit, Rosharon, Texas

Thank you for the powerful book, Yoga A Path for Healing and Recovery. I am learning so much from it. C.J., Kentucky State Reformatory, Lagrange, Kentucky

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