Prison Yoga in Iowa

Davenport, IA (KWQC) – “Yoga is being offered at Scott County Jail. Every Tuesday male prisoners at Scott County Jail can opt to join the class. The class is available to any male prisoner in general population. There is also a weekly class for women and one for juveniles. Inmates say it’s helping them to develop an inner awareness. And that’s exactly what the Prison Yoga Project aims to do. Yoga provides mental and physical benefits. And that something instructors say every human can benefit.

Every class begins and ends with eye contact, handshakes, and first names. “Typically throughout the jail, they are either their last name and if they go to prison they’re a number, so it’s humanizing,” says Yoga instructor Marybeth Wood. Marybeth is an instructor at Davenport School of Yoga and she volunteers her time at the Scott County Jail to teach the ancient discipline and meditation. This class is completely free to taxpayers says Wood. She says the yoga mats and bricks are paid for by the prisoners with the money they use in the vending machines. Sonny Jackson is a student at Scott County jail and he says it offers him a moment to reflect inward.” To read more of this article by Sarah Jones for KWQC, click here!

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