YES! Magazine….features “Beyond Prisons”

Restoring Lives: Now That’s Justice

by Patrice Gaines

posted Jun 08, 2011Forty years since prison, Patrice Gaines still fights to get free.

Ban the Box for a Fair Chance

by Aaron Tanaka

posted Jun 08, 2011Breaking through “tough on crime” policies to give all Americans a chance at employment.

Think Outside the Bars

by Michelle Alexander

posted Jun 08, 2011Why real justice means fewer prisons.

Problem Child

by Arthur Longworth

posted Jun 03, 2011A conversation through the walls of solitary confinement.

Instead of Prison

by Sarah van Gelder

posted Jun 03, 20112.3 million people behind bars. How to stop wasting lives and money.

Drug Warrior No More

by Norm Stamper

posted Jun 03, 2011Seattle’s ex-police chief now fights to end the war on drugs.

The Night I Forgave My Daughter’s Killer

by Marietta Jaeger-Lane, as told to Lynsi Burton

posted May 27, 2011How a grieving mother put compassion before vengeance, and found closure along the way.

Truth and Reconciliation in New York

by David Kaczynski

posted May 13, 2011Ex-offenders and families of victims ask, how can we resolve the tension between our need to protect society, and our desire to believe in human redemption?

Just the Facts: It's a Locking-People-Up Problem

by Robert Mellinger, Doug Pibel

posted May 12, 2011The American problem with mass incarceration is less about crime than it is about how—and who—we lock up.

The Locked Gate: Standing Up for My Brother on Death Row

by Martina Davis-Correia, as told to Jen Marlowe

posted May 10, 2011My brother and I don’t always agree, but I defend his innocence, and I’ll never walk out on him again.

Connecting Prisons With Nature

by Benjamin Drummond, Sara Joy Steele

posted May 06, 2011Video: Can prisons save money and the environment while changing lives?

Life With Poetry, But No Parole

by Spoon Jackson

posted May 06, 2011Locked up for life, prisoner poet Spoon Jackson discovered life as a “melody that flowed like free verse.”

My First Vote

posted May 06, 2011“I was overjoyed when I got my voter registration card. I was a real citizen!” Ex-offenders on reclaiming the human right to vote.

Voices of Compassion

posted May 01, 2011Personal stories of life beyond bars.

"Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness"

posted May 01, 2011Amy Goodman talks to legal scholar Michelle Alexander about the new American caste system.

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