Yoga In South African Prisons

Updated: May 26, 2020

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A few articles have made the news recently about the Prison Freedom Project and their work bringing yoga to South African prisons.

An excerpt from the article, “Bringing Enlightenment to a Captive Audience,” posted on EWN :

Co-founder and instructor Leela Codron explains that the value in yoga lies in encouraging introspection – a skill many people, including offenders, have never been taught. “We’ve very seldom been given the opportunity to learn a practice that will allow us to actually ask ourselves: ‘How am I feeling? What do I want from life? Why do I behave the way that I behave?’,” she says. “And so it makes sense to bring a discipline such as yoga into an environment such as a prison because – I mean we joke it is a captive audience – you’ve got time, and you’ve got space to really go deeper. And you need so little to go so far.”

Read the full article here.

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