The Quiet Within

The meditation project for prisoners has been operating for 11 years (since 2006), and in 2017 its volunteers have founded the Quiet Within association, aiming to decrease tension and violence in prisons, to improve prisoners’ prospects of integrating into society, and to prevent their return into prison. Today, the Quite Within association facilitates 22 groups in 13 prisons throughout Israel. The associations’ volunteers arrive each and every week to the various prisons, instructing approximately 300 prisoners in meditation practice.

Furthermore, the association writes, translates, and publishes meditation instruction books for prisoners. The volunteers are all highly experienced in the practice of meditation, and see it a tool of change and personal development, as well as a way of life.

We believe in the good that can be found in every person, and that people who have caused great suffering are people who have great suffering within them. We believe that every person can change. We know, from our experience of 11 years as well as from research, that meditation practice can have a positive effect on overcoming addiction, improves attention disorders, and decreases violence.

Michael Warshavsky

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The Quiet Within

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