Madison Zen Center

Established in 1974, the Madison Zen Center is an affiliate of the Rochester Zen Center (RZC), founded by Roshi Philip Kapleau (1912 – 2004).

Formal sittings are held six days a week.  Sunday sittings include a recorded Zen talk, called a teisho.  All Day Sittings are held monthly.  Two-day retreats are held three times a year and are lead by Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede or one of his senior students. Longer retreats are held at Chapin Mill, the RZC’s country retreat center in Batavia, NY.

From 2003-2013 Madison Zen Center led a group at the Oxford WI Federal Penitentiary, until all the members of the group that came to meditate were eventually transferred or released. There are not currently any on-going Prison Dharma projects, but they are welcome to facilitate if there is interest.

Rick Stirr

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Madison Zen Center

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