New Kadampa Tradition (Mahayana). Prison Meditiation Programs in British Columbia.

Prisons Served: North Fraser Pretrial Centre

Chaplain Kelly McCallum

Goals: To promote and advance the physical, mental, and spiritual development of inmates in Canada through the practice of meditation and yoga. To train, develop, and support meditation and yoga teachers who offer classes in correctional facilities. To develop and deliver a program of volunteer correspondents who will reply to letters from inmates to support them in their practice.

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Sahaja Yoga Meditation in jails has been practiced in 22 countries all over the world. The inmates follow the courses on a free will ; the organizers are volunteers.

Sahaja Yoga meditation helps the prisoners :

– to reduce the stress of lack of freedom

– to have peace and positive feeling inside

– to get rid of addictions

A Registered Canadian Charity since 2007, Yoga Outreach was founded in 1996 by a loosely knit group of yoga teachers who came together to share yoga in the BC Correctional System, Yoga Outreach has grown from this foundation, expanding to serve a diverse range of facilities. The love, commitment, and passion which began that project continues today.

Yoga Outreach partners with volunteer yoga instructors, community organizations, social service agencies, and correctional facilities to provide mindfulness-based yoga programming to often overlooked adults and at-risk youth. Yoga Outreach programs are strengths-based and trauma-sensitive serving men, women, and youth facing challenges with mental health, addiction, poverty, violence, trauma, and imprisonment.

In addition, we provide training, ongoing mentorship, and community building opportunities to yoga teachers and community support professionals to enhance the delivery of yoga in these settings.

Right now we have programs in 2 prison locations in the Lower Mainland area – Alouette Correctional Centre for Women (classes in both medium & maximum secure areas); and Burnaby Youth Custody Services.

Delanie Dyck
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