In 2003, Ann Moxey, a yoga instructor and psychologist specializing in addictions, founded the yoga program in the Atlacholoaya federal prison in Cuernavaca, Morelos, south of Mexico City. The program is called Parinaama Yoga.

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Prisons Served: Atlacholoaya Fed. Prison-Cuernavaca, Morelos

Ann Moxey

Sahaja Yoga Meditation in jails has been practiced in 22 countries all over the world. The inmates follow the courses on a free will ; the organizers are volunteers.

Sahaja Yoga meditation helps the prisoners :

– to reduce the stress of lack of freedom

– to have peace and positive feeling inside

– to get rid of addictions


Founded in 2012 by Sri Ramana Devi, Shiva Trust offers free books on Hindu Philosophy and Scriptures as well as Hinduism distance learning courses for free.

The books are Svetasvatara Upanishads guide book ,Bhakti Sutras ,Pantanjali Yoga Sutras ,Brahman Sutras, Bhagavad Gita.
The courses are Ahimsa Natural Ecology, Chakra intro, Jiva Yoga, Ramana Awareness Program  (Rap) and Vidya.

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Using PMI’s Path of Freedom Curriculum as a base, we facilitate weekly meditation sessions in a Brisbane maximum security prison.


Arno Hess

Since 1979 the Prison Project has provided the Siddha Yoga© Home Study Course free of charge to all inmates who request it. These lessons link the inmates dynamically to the transformational wisdom of the Siddha Yoga teachings and to the grace of the lineage of the Siddha Yoga masters. Lessons are received monthly and, on request, are available in Spanish translation. Currently enrolled in the course are some six thousand inmates in fifteen hundred prisons in North America, Europe, and Australia. The Prison Project is dedicated to making the teachings, practices and experience of the Siddha Yoga path available to incarcerated seekers.

The Parinaama Prison Project (Fundacion Parinaama) is a totally voluntary effort by yoga teachers of several different traditions (including Iyengar, Anusara, Vini Yoga, Ashtanga, Power Yoga and Kundalini) mostly from Mexico City, Cuautla, Cuernavaca and surrounding areas.  We are dedicated to taking Hatha yoga, meditation, pranayama, body-mind & stress management tools behind Mexican prison bars.

We were founded in 2003 by Ann Moxey, Anusara Certified Instructor with a training in Vini-Yoga and Iyengar. In 2011, Ann started a Yoga Teacher Training for the inmates in the Men’s prison, which continues to this day and was attended initially by two female yoga participants from the Women’s prison until they went free. Five ex-inmates are currently working as yoga teachers, some of them in Juvenile Detention/Reform Centers.

Fundacion Parinaama estimates that over 1,500 inmates have attended the classes its members have offered. In the Men’s prison attendance is between 60 to 30 inmates per class. The Women’s prison yoga attendance is currently at about 15.

The Parinaama Prison Project proposes a complete change of paradigm: replacing the present War against Drugs with Drug Prevention Programs . Parinaama Yoga is a registered school which runs a 200 hour Teacher Training in Stress Management and Yoga for Addictions / Prevention. It targets yoga teachers who already hold a Certification or Psychologists/Medical Professionals interested in learning yoga tools to complement the work they already do.

Parinaama has served as inspiration to teach behind bars in Queretaro, Puebla, Toluca, San Miguel Allende, Morelia, Chihuahua, as well as Mexico City and abroad, in Costa Rica’s San Jose prison, and Argentina’s prisons in Tucuman, La Plata, Mar del Plata, and Buenos Aires.

Ann Moxey

The Within-Without-Walls non-profit organization , WWW for short , is a dialogue and working group devoted to the subjects of prisoners, victims, ex-detainees and society.

Both offenders and victims are ‘locked up’ in their respective situations, each in their own way working through the offences that were committed, in an attitude of mutual respect .

The infinity symbol in the logo stands for that process. The midpoint of the symbol represents the opportunity for encounter and restoration. It invites us to look at others in a new way .

WWW is opposed to inhumane punishment, physical and pscychological torture and the death penalty. It considers justice an important pillar of a peaceable society. It seeks to contribute to the improvement in degrading situations in prisons around the world, and wants to help look for other alternatives to locking people up .


fostering dialogue among detainees, victims and other citizens
developing and supporting projects worldwide that can lead to a more humane prison policy
promoting the well-being of offenders and victims alike, with a view to rehabilitation and dealing with the crime

In prisons on six continents, the message of Prem Rawat, known also by the honorary title of Maharaji, is being watched by prison inmates, with life-changing results noticed by prison administrators. Starting in December 2003, in the largest prison in Asia, located in New Delhi, the program is now also spreading to the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the United States, South America, Africa, and Mexico.

While it varies from place to place, the program consists of a combination of regular showings of a DVD series called Words of Peace, featuring the international addresses of Prem Rawat and printed materials.

John Holt

Our mission is to support prisoners in the practice of contemplative disciplines, with emphasis on the meditation practices of the Buddhist tradition. We support prisoners in the practice and study of the Buddhist teachings and promote the Buddhist path of wakefulness and non-aggression as an ideal means of self-rehabilitation and transformation.  We provide support, resources and Dharma books to prisoners and prison chapel libraries.

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