Siddha Yoga Meditation Study Courses

The teachings and practices of Siddha Yoga are brought to incarcerated men and
women through the Siddha Yoga Meditation Study Courses. The 17 year long Course
lessons describe in simple, down-to-earth language the timeless, transformative wisdom
of yoga. Lessons are received monthly and are free of charge to all who are
incarcerated. They are available in Spanish translation on request. Persons of all
spiritual and religious persuasions are invited to participate. Nearly 5000 inmates are
enrolled in the Courses in over 900 prisons in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Italy, the U.K.,
and Australia.
Interested inmates can enroll in the Courses by writing to: Prison Project, PO Box
99140, Emeryville, CA 94662. The Prison Project web page is at:

Murali Pacini

The Lionheart Foundation’s prison program provides education, rehabilitation and reentry support to incarcerated men and women in prisons and jails throughout the United States.  At the heart of this initiative is  a powerful emotional literacy program, Houses of Healing.  This program offers prison inmates encouragement and the necessary support to take stock of the life experiences that have propelled them into criminal activity, take responsibility for their criminal behavior, change life-long patterns of violence and addiction, and build productive lives.


Assists Vietnam Veteran inmates and other inmates in a process of rehabilitation through a Buddhist Spiritual Practice, which includes meditation, study, dialogue and empowerment.

Claude AnShin Thomas is serving following prisons: Oregon State Penitentiary, Salem, OR; Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, Wilsonville, OR; McLaren Youth Correctional Facility, Woodburn, OR; prisons in Eastern Oregon, Washington, other US states (works on invitation basis), South America, Germany, Italy.

Claude AnShin Thomas
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