Angulimala Buddhist Chaplaincy serves those not served elsewise; primarily veterans, prisoners, ex-convicts, homeless. I am the volunteer Buddhist chaplain for the Seattle VA Hospital, and a student of Koro Kaisan Roshi. If you have not been able to find a sangha home or are unable to get to one, please call or email.

David Chuanlu Beavers

We have volunteers at Monroe Correctional Complex of the WA state prison system, and at King County Jail in Seattle. In addition a number of our members correspond with inmates around the country.

Rev. Genko Kathy Blackman

Our goal is to empower prisoners with the freedom of inner peace through trainings in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and mindfulness practice.

KC Young

Thay Kobai Scott Whitney is the spiritual director and conducts meditation classes in the coastal, Grays Harbor area of Washington as well as leading retreats around the northwest. He especially works with marginalized people who do not feel comfortable in other spiritual communities: people in 12-Step programs, those recovering from prison or homelessness, domestic violence or loss of a loved one.

Thay Kobai Scott Whitney
Siddha Yoga Meditation Study Courses

The teachings and practices of Siddha Yoga are brought to incarcerated men and
women through the Siddha Yoga Meditation Study Courses. The 17 year long Course
lessons describe in simple, down-to-earth language the timeless, transformative wisdom
of yoga. Lessons are received monthly and are free of charge to all who are
incarcerated. They are available in Spanish translation on request. Persons of all
spiritual and religious persuasions are invited to participate. Nearly 5000 inmates are
enrolled in the Courses in over 900 prisons in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Italy, the U.K.,
and Australia.
Interested inmates can enroll in the Courses by writing to: Prison Project, PO Box
99140, Emeryville, CA 94662. The Prison Project web page is at:

Murali Pacini

Venerable Chodron does prison work in the US. Her website contains many articles detailing this work.
Sravasti Abbey offers books on Buddhism by Ven. Chodron and other Buddhist teachers to inmates and prison libraries free of charge. Tapes and CDs with guided Buddhist medtiations and teachings are also available.

Ven. Chodron has visited about 30 prisons in the US, and several in Singapore and Mexico. She has given refuge and precepts in person and by teleconference to nearly a dozen prisoners over the past years. Other monastics and lay volunteers from the Abbey visited four other prisons in 2009, and the monk at the Abbey gave refuge to an inmate in Oklahoma who had corresponded for many years.


Yoga Behind Bars is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in Seattle that brings yoga and meditation classes to incarcerated youth and adults in Washington State as well as those at risk of entering the criminal justice system. Our mission is to share tools of self-awareness, healing and transformation with our students.

Downtown Seattle Jail, Monroe Correctional Complex (WSRU), Washington Corrections Center for Women.

Natalie Smith
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