The Center for Mindfulness & Justice facilitates personal transformation and professional development that fosters mindfulness, compassion, peace and equal access to justice for all. We provide mindfulness instruction, keynote speaking, and organizational consulting and training. We offer the inspiration and skills that create personal and collective change in our interdependent world.

Established in 1974, the Madison Zen Center is an affiliate of the Rochester Zen Center (RZC), founded by Roshi Philip Kapleau (1912 – 2004).

Formal sittings are held six days a week.  Sunday sittings include a recorded Zen talk, called a teisho.  All Day Sittings are held monthly.  Two-day retreats are held three times a year and are lead by Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede or one of his senior students. Longer retreats are held at Chapin Mill, the RZC’s country retreat center in Batavia, NY.

From 2003-2013 Madison Zen Center led a group at the Oxford WI Federal Penitentiary, until all the members of the group that came to meditate were eventually transferred or released. There are not currently any on-going Prison Dharma projects, but they are welcome to facilitate if there is interest.

Rick Stirr

Monthly visits to six state institutions, bi-monthly visits to two others, books are provided and correspondence maintained. Three institutions have full programs of zazen, kinhin, service, dharma talk, and discussion. Tonen O’Connor no longer visits the prisons herself, but is still the main contact and organization person responsible for sending teachers to prisons. She also organizes the monthly “Sosaku” newsletter, produced by inmates.



Tonen O’Connor
Siddha Yoga Meditation Study Courses

The teachings and practices of Siddha Yoga are brought to incarcerated men and
women through the Siddha Yoga Meditation Study Courses. The 17 year long Course
lessons describe in simple, down-to-earth language the timeless, transformative wisdom
of yoga. Lessons are received monthly and are free of charge to all who are
incarcerated. They are available in Spanish translation on request. Persons of all
spiritual and religious persuasions are invited to participate. Nearly 5000 inmates are
enrolled in the Courses in over 900 prisons in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Italy, the U.K.,
and Australia.
Interested inmates can enroll in the Courses by writing to: Prison Project, PO Box
99140, Emeryville, CA 94662. The Prison Project web page is at:

Murali Pacini

Rev. Khyati Penney Johns: I am a Sensei working with a group of Women at Taycheedah Correctional Institute (Maximum Security) in Wisconsin.
I currently offer weekly meditation and two yoga classes to any inside woman who requests the opportunity.

Rev. Meru Doug Szper: I meet twice a month with men inside serves Kettle Moraine Correctional Institution for a “Buddhist Studies Group”. I also work with men from the Wisconsin Truth Project at Oshkosh Correctional Institution and Racine Correctional Institution in Wisconsin.

Prisons: Taycheedah Correctional Institute and Kettle Moraine Correctional Institute and Oshkosh Correctional Institute and Racine Correctional Institution

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