Ratna Peace Initiative (RPI) works with incarcerated men and women nationwide. It offers a study of Buddhist texts integrated with mindfulness meditation. The program and practice are first taught either in an onsite visit, by using a text, or by video. A dialog through correspondence with an MPP educator follows. In 2014 we corresponded with over 360 inmates in 48 states, conducting on-going guidance for their spiritual practice and course work. Meditation is taught and practiced as a discipline for those interested in Buddhism and also is a useful secular way for anyone to develop peacefulness and understanding, regardless of their background or religious affiliation.

Margot Neuman, Gary Allen

Yoga Impact enables volunteers to engage specific populations within their own communities, using yoga as a tool to foster personal growth, communal change, and increased general well-being.

Boulder County Jail, CO and Morris County Jail, NJ.

Nancy Candea
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