New England Institute of Buddhist Studies

Buddhist Faith Fellowship of Connecticut

PO Box 546

Middletown, Ct 06457

We now have guys at two prisons and a jail that we are working with.

Prisons Served: Clinton Correctional in Dannemora, NY Fox Lake Correctional in Fox Lake, Wisconsin Osborn Correctional in Somers, Ct

Ron Shepherd

We are an independent interfaith Sangha dedicated to providing spiritual support for Buddhists behind bars. We currently donate Buddhist books, magazines, videos and audio cassettes to prisons and inmates around the country upon request. Your donations of new or used books and literature on Buddhism and Eastern Philosophy are what make this possible! Thank you to ALL who have in the past or will in the future mail study materials to an inmate; or if you prefer, you can mail them to ChanterKyo/Betty for distribution:
Buddhist Inmate Sangha
Betty Lu Buck
P.O. Box 6517
Brookings, OR 97415 USA

Betty Lu Buck

Buddhist Mentoring at MCI-Framingham, MA (women’s prison)

Pamela Colleran
Buddhist Pathways Prison Project, Inc

Buddhist Pathways is a California nonprofit corporation whose mission is to bring the core teachings of the historical Buddha of non-harming, meditation, and wisdom into prisons and jails as well as federal penal institutions.
Through mindful awareness, incarcerated sangha members gain the wisdom that fosters durable self-transformation and insight into the inner conditions that led to incarceration.


The Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai (BDK) (Society for the Promotion of Buddhism) was founded by the Reverend Dr. Yehan Numata in December 1965, one year after the Mitutoyo Manufacturing Company celebrated its 30th anniversary. With the worldwide success of his company, Dr. Numata decided that the time had come to realize his dream of making the Buddhist teachings more widely available. Working with a community of like-minded people, including leaders of each Buddhist sect in Japan and eminent Buddhist scholars, Dr. Numata established the BDK in order to “to transmit the Buddhist religion to as many people in the world as possible, without expounding the doctrines of any particular sect or denomination.” To achieve this goal, the BDK promotes a wide range of activities and projects in the hope of contributing to world peace and mutual understanding among humanity.

Currently there are two other major publication projects handled by the BDK America Berkeley Office. The first is distribution of the popular introductory Buddhist book entitled “The Teaching of Buddha” which has more than 8 million copies in circulation throughout the world, in more than 42 languages. Secondly, BDK has published a Buddhist anthology called Buddha Dharma, which is an expanded version of “The Teaching of Buddha,” and comes with a detailed index and accounting of the Buddhist teaching presented with each story.

Brian Kensho Nagata

Prison project in State prison in Anamosa, IA – Buddhist group 2x a month.

Zuiko Redding

Soto Zen Group in Rome, Italy, affiliated to San Francisco Zen Center, Shunryu Suzuki Roshi Lineage


Our mission is to offer healing and hope by living and teaching compassion, especially to the disenfranchised and people in prison.

We have been visiting with and writing to people in prison for 23 years. We have worked with hundreds of Arkansas inmates, and have sent out more than 800,000 copies of healing newsletters to inmates and people in the free world.

Morgan Holladay

There are two weekly gatherings of the Compassionate Ocean Sangha. There is also a meditation session offered on Wednesday morning, and single-day and multi-day retreats.

We have volunteers at Monroe Correctional Complex of the WA state prison system, and at King County Jail in Seattle. In addition a number of our members correspond with inmates around the country.

Rev. Genko Kathy Blackman
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