This Sacred Space is an organization whose objective is to share with those who are currently or formerly incarcerated the message that spiritual freedom is available now. Using dialogue, contemplation and meditation, our program points to this sacred space where the mind and heart experiences the peace that is eternally present.

This Sacred Space was born from founder Kenny Johnson’s experiences after being in prison over 20 years and going through the final transformation of a spiritual awakening that changed his life radically and ended his years as a criminal.

Kenny has been out of prison since 1997.

He is now a spiritual teacher and a consultant to families and to those who have been out of prison and may be going to jail.

Kenneth Johnson

The Within-Without-Walls non-profit organization , WWW for short , is a dialogue and working group devoted to the subjects of prisoners, victims, ex-detainees and society.

Both offenders and victims are ‘locked up’ in their respective situations, each in their own way working through the offences that were committed, in an attitude of mutual respect .

The infinity symbol in the logo stands for that process. The midpoint of the symbol represents the opportunity for encounter and restoration. It invites us to look at others in a new way .

WWW is opposed to inhumane punishment, physical and pscychological torture and the death penalty. It considers justice an important pillar of a peaceable society. It seeks to contribute to the improvement in degrading situations in prisons around the world, and wants to help look for other alternatives to locking people up .


fostering dialogue among detainees, victims and other citizens
developing and supporting projects worldwide that can lead to a more humane prison policy
promoting the well-being of offenders and victims alike, with a view to rehabilitation and dealing with the crime

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