emotional literacy

Insight-Out organizes initiatives that create the personal and systemic change to transform violence and suffering into opportunities for learning and healing.
Our mission is to provide services and self-development opportunities to prisoners and challenged youth and empower them to positively transform their predicament.
In 1997, Jacques Verduin founded the Insight Prison Project (IPP). Under Verduin’s leadership, IPP pioneered innovative in-prison rehabilitation programs designed to create transformational change among prisoners at California’s San Quentin State Prison and prepare the men to become worthy and contributing members of the community upon leaving prison. The programs at San Quentin continue to reach 300 prisoners a week.

In 2011, Jacques founded ‘Insight-Out’ (ISO), a community initiative that employs selected former prisoners, trained inside San Quentin in the areas of emotional literacy, violence prevention and mindfulness.

These men (whom we proudly call, “Change Agents”) specialize in: 1. Working with troubled youth in the communities of the SF Bay Area. (Youth centers, high schools, etc.). 2. They are also ideal candidates for training their brothers and sisters, who are still locked up, in these programs that offer a path on how to transform their lives.

Jacques Verduin

The Lionheart Foundation’s prison program provides education, rehabilitation and reentry support to incarcerated men and women in prisons and jails throughout the United States.  At the heart of this initiative is  a powerful emotional literacy program, Houses of Healing.  This program offers prison inmates encouragement and the necessary support to take stock of the life experiences that have propelled them into criminal activity, take responsibility for their criminal behavior, change life-long patterns of violence and addiction, and build productive lives.

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