The Village Zendo is a Zen community in the heart of downtown Manhattan. Serving as a sanctuary in this busy world, we offer meditation, services, retreats, workshops and study groups. Participation is open to all.

Meditation program at Sing Sing.  We do a 1.5-hour meditation program
and service there each Sunday.

A Jesse Jiryu Davis

Since the outset of prison dhamma work initiated by Bhante Wimala and sponsored by Triple Gem Society, a regular sangha in now in place at Mahanoy State Prison and plans for sangha at Somerset, Greensburg and Cresson State prisons are in the process of formation. Triple Gem Society has provided Buddhist service to inmates at the Federal Prison, Philadelphia; and corresponds with a number of other Buddhist inmates in association with the Prison Dharma Network and Buddhist Peace Fellowship.

The services and programs of a prison sangha will focus on the central teachings and practices of Buddhism, with emphasis on meditation techniques and practices. The duration of sangha is two to three hours, usually on a weekly basis but no less than monthly.

Bohdi House is a non-sectarian spiritual community house located near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  Bodhi House was created in order to provide a modest re-entry plan for post release men who want to continue the study and practice of Buddhism.  It is not intended to be a monastery or monastic center.  It is simply a spiritual community for lay practitioners, based on a lifestyle of simple living, unselfish service, and a daily commitment to the five precepts.

Bhante Wimala

Working under the name of the National Buddhist Prison Sangha (NBPS), activities include weekly or monthly visits to NY prisons by senior ZMM monastic and lay students who lead group practice in meditation, liturgy, talks on Zen practice, and periodic intensive meditation retreats. Volunteers also maintain regular correspondence with incarcerated men and women from around the country offering guidance in Buddhist meditation and practice and sending supporting materials.

Zen Mountain Monastery’s prison program began in 1984 after a court battle allowing the program to become the first Zen practice group in NY State Correctional Facilities. The National Buddhist Prison Sangha’s Practice Advisors offer support and guidance to people who practice Zen Buddhism in prison. We visit several NY State prisons, and correspond with hundreds of people in prisons throughout the country. We also have training manuals, which reflect the training in the Mountains and Rivers Order, and introduce the basic practices of Zen Buddhism.

Prisons Served: Green Haven, Woodbourne, Shawangunk, Wallkill, Elmira, Wende, and Arthur Kill

Mailing address:
Zen Mountain Monastery, NBPS
P.O. Box 197, Mt. Tremper, NY 12457

Geoffrey Shugen Arnold Sensei, Director
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