St. Louis

Inside Dharma is a non-profit, non-denominational Buddhist organization dedicated to offering information, support and encouragement to incarcerated and recently released individuals in a manner consistent with Buddhist principles.

Inside Dharma:

* supplies VIC’s to Missouri prisons,
* connects penpals with interested inmates,
* sends reading and practice materials and the Inside Dharma Newsletter to inmates,
* provides recently released inmates references to useful agencies and opportunities.
* Inside Dharma also serves the homeless community, which includes many ex-offenders, through the Buddha Bag Project.
*Put out a resource directory for the St. Louis area for those coming out of prison and homeless – you can access it via
*Has a website for prison art at

Prisons Served: Farmington Correctional Center

Kalen McAllister

New program, currently raising the level of practice from alone in cell to group practice with a teacher. Programs at Bowling Green and Potosi prisons, in the process of getting approved for all Missouri state prisons.

This is a collaborative effort by the Missouri Zen
Center and five other organizations: Mid-America Buddhist Association, the Peacemaker Community, the Rime Buddhist Center and Monastery, the Vipassana Buddhist Church and Center for Buddhist Development, and the St. Louis Insight Meditation Group.

Prisons Served: Bowling Green and Potosi

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