Tai Chi

Comienzos is an educational, therapeutic program serving men and women who are incarcerated at the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center. We teach the skills and cultivate the awareness that is needed for men and women to live in freedom.

Our classes include:

* Learning and Practice in Nonviolent Communication, as developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg;
* Meditative practices, including seated meditation, T’ai Chi Chih, and yoga; and,
* 12 Step Recovery

Robert Cliff Wilkie

In 1997 an instructor by the name of Tara Stiles began offering T’ai Chi Chih (a hybride T’ai Chi/Qigong form) inside of Folsom State Prison.  Justin Stone, the originator of T’ai Chi Chih, was so supportive of this kind of work that in 1998 he personally paid a visit to the prison and gave a lecture to the men there.

In 1998 Judy Tretheway took over the Folsom class and taught it for the next 13 years.  I met Judy in 2009, and became her assistant. In 2011 Judy retired and I have been teaching the weekly class there ever since.  (Please see my blog entries.)   It has changed me in ways I never anticipated, and I am so grateful for the opportunity and the experience.

Julie Heryet

The Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi, under the direction of Dr. Roger Jahnke, author of The Healer Within and The Healing Promise of Qi, receives requests from inmates primarily in Texas and California for information on starting moving meditation practices of qigong and tai chi. These ancient practices with their basis in Traditional Chinese Medicine can be utilized for mind-body wellness and facilitating inner peace.

Rhonda Richey
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