The International Association For Human Values Prison SMART(Stress Management And Rehabilitation Training) program provides the structure to deliver the common goal of uplifting human values within the criminal justice community. The program is a valuable tool for all those working to end the cycle of violence and abuse in society, whether through law enforcement, social rehabilitation, conflict resolution or human development. We work in tandem with probation departments, family and juvenile court systems, administrators and correctional officers of penal institutions, law enforcement departments. We teach powerful breathing techniques that have immediately calming physiological and psychological effects. We work nationwide in the U.S.

Prison Yoga and Meditation

Prison Yoga & Meditation Is a not-for-profit 501(c3) volunteer group that brings yoga and meditation to incarcerated individuals serving time in the correctional facilities of Los Angeles. Our purpose is to share our compassion, love, and respect with a population who find themselves unseen and often discarded. To be seen, heard and treated with kindness and compassion opens the door to healing and increases the potential for positive change.

Nancy Deville

The word seva means “selfless action that serves community.” This path of yoga is committed to surrendering our actions to a higher purpose. By developing innovative and cost saving programs that serve the people of our communities, and delivering such programs in an accessible and complimentary manner to existing services, the Purusha Seva Project seeks to create communities of healthy, flourishing people.

• To provide a vehicle for socially conscious investors to support the teaching of classic Hatha/Raja yoga and Holisitic Life Skills (including Breath Work, Holistic Therapies, Mindfulness Practices and Meditation) in the style of Purusha Yoga to at-risk and underserved populations who would greatly benefit from the philosophy and practices.

• To recruit instructors trained in the style of Purusha Yoga to utilize their specialized skills to serve underserved populations. Purusha Seva Project offers scholarships to students willing to become teachers who have a desire to serve their communities.

• To design and implement Holisitic Life Skills programs and Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) curricula designed to accommodate our target clients. To work with experts in the areas of Health Education, Transpersonal Psychology, Yoga Therapy and other health fields to deliver classic yoga in a way that is comprehensive and compatible with the needs of our communities

Joy Ravelli

Sahaja Yoga Meditation in jails has been practiced in 22 countries all over the world. The inmates follow the courses on a free will ; the organizers are volunteers.

Sahaja Yoga meditation helps the prisoners :

– to reduce the stress of lack of freedom

– to have peace and positive feeling inside

– to get rid of addictions

Shanthi Project

Therapeutic Yoga and Mindfulness
Northampton County Prison
Northampton County Juvenile Justice Center

Weekly yoga and mindfulness classes at Northampton County Prison and Juvenile Treatment Center
Denise Veres

Since 1979 the Prison Project has provided the Siddha Yoga© Home Study Course free of charge to all inmates who request it. These lessons link the inmates dynamically to the transformational wisdom of the Siddha Yoga teachings and to the grace of the lineage of the Siddha Yoga masters. Lessons are received monthly and, on request, are available in Spanish translation. Currently enrolled in the course are some six thousand inmates in fifteen hundred prisons in North America, Europe, and Australia. The Prison Project is dedicated to making the teachings, practices and experience of the Siddha Yoga path available to incarcerated seekers.

We visit agencies in Ohio, bringing yoga and healing to individuals in their communities.  We are currently serving youth in the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center, providing yoga classes which help young adults De-stress, increase perceptions of mental and physical energy, improve mood, and decrease negativity.  The Mothering Wheel is continuously writing grant proposals to keep working in these agencies.  Over the next year, we will expand our work with at risk youth, as well as other at risk populations in our community.

Dianna Banzhaf & Colleen O’Rourke

The Parinaama Prison Project (Fundacion Parinaama) is a totally voluntary effort by yoga teachers of several different traditions (including Iyengar, Anusara, Vini Yoga, Ashtanga, Power Yoga and Kundalini) mostly from Mexico City, Cuautla, Cuernavaca and surrounding areas.  We are dedicated to taking Hatha yoga, meditation, pranayama, body-mind & stress management tools behind Mexican prison bars.

We were founded in 2003 by Ann Moxey, Anusara Certified Instructor with a training in Vini-Yoga and Iyengar. In 2011, Ann started a Yoga Teacher Training for the inmates in the Men’s prison, which continues to this day and was attended initially by two female yoga participants from the Women’s prison until they went free. Five ex-inmates are currently working as yoga teachers, some of them in Juvenile Detention/Reform Centers.

Fundacion Parinaama estimates that over 1,500 inmates have attended the classes its members have offered. In the Men’s prison attendance is between 60 to 30 inmates per class. The Women’s prison yoga attendance is currently at about 15.

The Parinaama Prison Project proposes a complete change of paradigm: replacing the present War against Drugs with Drug Prevention Programs . Parinaama Yoga is a registered school which runs a 200 hour Teacher Training in Stress Management and Yoga for Addictions / Prevention. It targets yoga teachers who already hold a Certification or Psychologists/Medical Professionals interested in learning yoga tools to complement the work they already do.

Parinaama has served as inspiration to teach behind bars in Queretaro, Puebla, Toluca, San Miguel Allende, Morelia, Chihuahua, as well as Mexico City and abroad, in Costa Rica’s San Jose prison, and Argentina’s prisons in Tucuman, La Plata, Mar del Plata, and Buenos Aires.

Ann Moxey

The Prison Phoenix Trust encourages prisoners in the development of their spiritual lives through meditation and yoga, working with silence and the breath.

We offer individual support to prisoners and prison staff through teaching, correspondence, books and newsletters. People of any faith or no faith can benefit. We honour all religions.

The Prison Phoenix Trust was registered as a charity in 1988. We work all over the UK and The Republic of Ireland in prisons, young offender institutions, immigration removal centres, secure hospitals and probation hostels.

A key aspect of our work is training and supporting qualified yoga teachers to teach in prison and other secure conditions.

The Prison Phoenix Trust regularly receives recognition for its groundbreaking work with prisoners and prison staff.

(UK exchange) 01865 512 521
Lucy Ayrton

Transformation Yoga Project provides healing alternatives to the effects of mass incarceration on the individual, communal and systemic levels. Through the lens of Transformative Justice, our trauma sensitive, mindfulness based approach extends to those who are incarcerated, in reentry, in communities disproportionately affected by incarceration, and to those working within the justice system. We envision a world where all people have the opportunity to discover the tools to heal from trauma and to create a positive impact in their communities.
Where We Serve:
Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution
Carson Valley Children’s Aid
Glen Mills School
Institute for Community Justice
Philadelphia Department of Prisons- Full campus (6 facilities)
Philadelphia Federal Detention Center – partner with Heart 2Heart
Philadelphia Juvenile Justice Services Center
Montgomery County Correctional Facility- partner with Hopeworx Community Advocates
Montgomery County Youth Center
Delaware County Juvenile Detention Center
Chester Upland School District- Camelot
Chester County Correctional Facility
Chester county Probation and Parole- WRAPP program
SCI Chester
SCI Graterford
SCI Muncy

Mike Huggins
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