Outline for the Path of Freedom Online Course

* For the online intro online course, two modules are covered each week. Detailed instructions on deadlines are sent out via email.
**Times listed in parentheses are video length, actual coursework will take longer due to quizzes and discussion posting requirements. 

NOTE: POF topic ‘ordering’ is now changed. The workbook is being updated to reflect the new order of the units but is not complete yet. We will send out an announcement as soon as the new workbook is published.

Week One:
Intro to the Path of Freedom (Time 50:37)
Background material

  • Intro to the Path of Freedom
  • Intro: Integral Transformative Justice
  • Intro: Comparing Justice Models

Week One: 
Training the Mind & Facilitation (Time 64:21)
POF Unit One

  • Teaching Mindfulness in Prisons
  • Working in Correctional Environments
  • Facilitating the POF

Week Two: 
Holding Your Seat (Time: 30:35)
POF Unit Two

  • Holding Your Seat
  • State Shifting
  • Holding Your Seat Meditation

Week Two:
Working with Pain & Anxiety (Time: 55:17)
POF Unit Three

  • Working with Pain
  • Pain Meditation
  • Anxiety
  • Practices for Anxiety

Week Three:
Drama Triangle (Time: 41:20)
POF Unit Four

  • Drama Triangle Intro
  • Drama Positions
  • Hooked by Drama
  • Staying Off the Drama Triangle
  • Dennis on Drama
  • Rebecca & Salim
  • Director’s Cut

Week Three:
Empowerment (Time: 44:10)
POF Unit Five

  • Empowerment Intro
  • Empowerment
  • Power
  • 12 Choices

Module 3
Who Am I? (Time 44:51)

Week Two: POF Unit Two

  • Who Am I?
  • Who Am I? Process
  • Who Am I? Process Debrief
  • Limiting Core Beliefs
  • On Basic Goodness




Module 10
Art of Communication (Time: 46:43)

Week Five: POF Unit Nine

  • Art of Communication Intro
  • Styles of Listening
  • Unskillful Communication
  • Skillful Communication
  • Madrone on Communication


Module 11
Transforming Conflict (Time 40:33)

Week Six: POF Unit Ten

  • Transforming Conflict
  • Four Agreements
  • Ladder of Inference
  • Dennis on Conflict & Violence
  • Compassion Meditation

Module 4
Change: Outside In/Inside Out (Time 55:05)

Week Two: POF Unit Three

  • Change Intro
  • Change Theory
  • Change Inside/Outside
  • Juan on Change

Week Six
Power of Forgiveness (Time: 36:19)
POF Unit Eleven

  • Forgiveness Intro
  • Grievances, Unenforceable Rules
  • Luskin: Getting “No,” Wanting “Yes”
  • Self Forgiveness


Week Six
Mindfulness in Action (Time: 9:30)
POF Unit Twelve

  • Mindfulness in Action & Resources
  • Final Comments


* Approximately two modules are completed each week. Detailed instructions on deadlines are sent out via email

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