Outline for the Path of Freedom Online Course

* For the online intro online course, two modules are covered each week. Detailed instructions on deadlines are sent out via email.
**Times listed in parentheses are video length, actual coursework will take longer due to quizzes and discussion posting requirements. 

Week One:
Intro to the Path of Freedom
(Time 50:37)
Background material

  • Intro to the Path of Freedom
  • Intro: Integral Transformative Justice
  • Intro: Comparing Justice Models

Training the Mind & Facilitation (Time 64:21)
POF Session One

  • Teaching Mindfulness in Prisons
  • Working in Correctional Environments
  • Facilitating the POF

Week Two:

Who Am I? (Time 44:51)
POF Session Tw0

  • Who Am I?
  • Who Am I? Process
  • Who Am I? Process Debrief
  • Limiting Core Beliefs
  • On Basic Goodness

Change: Outside In/Inside Out (Time 55:05)
POF Session Three

  • Change Intro
  • Change Theory
  • Change Inside/Outside
  • Juan on Change

Week Three:

Holding Your Seat (Time: 30:35)
POF Session Four

  • Holding Your Seat
  • State Shifting
  • Holding Your Seat Meditation

Working with Pain & Anxiety (Time: 55:17)
POF Session Five

  • Working with Pain
  • Pain Meditation
  • Anxiety
  • Practices for Anxiety

Week Four
Drama Triangle (Time: 41:20)
POF Session Six

  • Drama Triangle Intro
  • Drama Positions
  • Hooked by Drama
  • Staying Off the Drama Triangle
  • Dennis on Drama
  • Rebecca & Salim
  • Director’s Cut

Empowerment (Time: 44:10)
POF Session Seven

  • Empowerment Intro
  • Empowerment
  • Power
  • 12 Choices

Week Five 

Art of Communication (Time: 46:43)
 POF Session Eight

  • Art of Communication Intro
  • Styles of Listening
  • Unskillful Communication
  • Skillful Communication
  • Madrone on Communication

Transforming Conflict (Time 40:33)
POF Session Nine

  • Transforming Conflict
  • Four Agreements
  • Ladder of Inference
  • Dennis on Conflict & Violence
  • Compassion Meditation

Week Six

Power of Forgiveness (Time: 36:19)
POF Session 10

  • Forgiveness Intro
  • Grievances, Unenforceable Rules
  • Luskin: Getting “No,” Wanting “Yes”
  • Self Forgiveness

Mindfulness in Action (Time: 9:30)
POF Session 11

  • Mindfulness in Action & Resources
  • Final Comments


* Approximately two modules are completed each week. Detailed instructions on deadlines are sent out via email