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What is Letting Go?

Updated: May 26, 2020

We asked a group of our advanced Path of Freedom meditators to contemplate “letting go” this week. Below are some of the responses we got from this truly insightful group of men:

Letting go is relaxing my entire body to the best of my ability. I feel a sort of comfortable heaviness that accompanies this relaxation. Letting go is noticing how the relaxation increases when I exhale, how I don’t fight my thoughts but just let them happen; they are what they are! Letting go also involves paying attention to the tension that may occur in different parts of my body. For example, I may relax my chest and let the relaxation spread to my back, neck, shoulders, and arms. Merely letting go, enjoying the relaxation, and letting that relaxation travel to wherever it’s needed – that’s truly letting go.

Letting go to me is just sitting with the thoughts that come up during meditation. Not rejecting anything, just letting them come and go.

Letting go for me is the ability to detach myself of all good or bad thoughts that arise when I am meditating and be able to move on by staying in the present moment. For me when I am meditating if a thought keeps coming back and back I don’t try to detach from that thought, I usually tend to look at it or put it aside for a later time so that I could contemplate the reason that this thought stays in my memory. I believe the philosopher in us need to question everything before moving on.

My method is simple, Live in the present! If something bothers me, I allow myself to have that emotion and then move on.

This is so simple but yet due to conditioning it makes it so so difficult at times to let go of what feels second nature. But as we well know what is learned can be unlearned and what is broken can be fixed.

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