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Our main curriculum used in prison programs worldwide.  Path of Freedom® is a mindfulness-based emotional intelligence (MBEI) model for at-risk and incarcerated youth and adult prisoners


Path of Freedom was developed by K.Vita Pires-Crisp and introduced in a five-year pilot program at the Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center (a maximum-security prison for juvenile males) in Golden, Colorado, in the early 2000s.   In the past few decades, we have trained over 1,000 facilitators worldwide in delivering the Path of Freedom curriculum.

The Path of Freedom is a mindfulness-based emotional intelligence (MBEI) training that employs key elements of social-emotional learning and mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral training.   The program focuses on increasing participants’ resources, capacities, and skills for self-awareness by developing mindfulness, presence, focus, and attention stabilization.  The program offers tools for developing emotion regulation, resilience, deep listening, empathic communication, problem-solving, forgiveness, and conflict management.

The Path of Freedom curriculum also focuses on increasing participants’ resiliency, self-reflective capacity, confidence, and positive life outlook through mindfulness-awareness meditation and contemplative/reflective practices. This direct meditative experience encourages a shift from fear-based, anti-social, or criminal strategies for meeting needs to pro-social strategies grounded in emerging confidence in their innate goodness, the inherent goodness of others, and a greater sense of possibility for their present lives and future.  The program is also grounded in a holistic, whole-person, bio-psycho-social-spiritual, integral view of human development.

The program is non-sectarian and is open to participants of any faith and/or those who do not identify with a particular faith tradition. The curriculum has received very positive reviews from experts in the corrections field.


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Online: Intro to the POF

We offer an online course as an introduction to the Path of Freedom (POF) on our EMI Community & Courses site. 

We are restructuring the Path of Freedom facilitator training and will have details soon.

 Use the button below to sign up for updates on the program! 


Map of POF Programs

Check out our map of currently running POF international programs.

We've completed over 43 cohorts of the "Intro to the Path of Freedom" 

online training for more than 1,000 people around the world.


These people have gone on to create countless Path of Freedom programs across the globe.


Path of Freedom Book

Written by our Executive Director, K. Vita Pires-Crisp, the Path of Freedom book was created as a clear and precise illustrated manual that guides prisoners through the Path of Freedom training. 


The Path of Freedom book is available for $17.99, plus shipping, to those who have completed the "Intro to the Path of Freedom" online training course.


Doing the POF introductory online course does  not certify you to teach. 
Read more about the path to becoming a Certified POF Instructor.

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