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Dharma in Hell: Prison Writings
of Fleet Maull

“In the charnel ground that is America’s prisons, Fleet Maull lived a life of vows and service for 15 years. These writings are proof and testament to his personal strength, determination and courage in the face of indescribable despair, as well as to his power as a committed dharma practitioner to bring compassion and transformation into truly hellish realism. Fleet Maull is an indomitable spirit.” 
— Roshis Bernie Glassman & Eve Marko


Sitting Inside:
Buddhist Practice in America's Prisons

For prisoners who want to start practicing Buddhism and volunteers who want to work with prison dharma groups. Covers the basics of meditation, compassion, and precept practice within the prison context.  A practical guide that emphasizes Buddhism in action — through the precepts, peacemaking, and sangha building inside and out.


“Sitting Inside” is an informative, insightful, and heart moving book. It has a lot of invaluable information for Buddhist inmates and prison volunteers. The stories of prison practice mirror what my prison pen pals write to me about the difficulties and also about finding freedom inside.” 
~Betty Buck, Buddhist Inmate Sangha

“In "Dharma in Hell" Fleet Maull looked into the belly of the beast and saw his Original Face. This is a beautiful, profound, honest, and incredibly moving book about finding spiritual light in the deepest of shadows. If you have any shadows in your life, if you have any prisons in your soul, this is a guide that can genuinely help you find that ever-present, already-escaped, forever-free, extraordinary light”.
~Ken Wilber, Author, The Simple Feeling of Being

“I have been in prison more than 21 years. When I have read over 2,000 books and none comes as close to what a convict needs as “Sitting Inside”  to keep us firmly on the path. It is a great help to my practice.” 
~ Ron Woodsove, Indiana prisoner

“ "Dharma in Hell" moved me. It really embodied and evoked a profound feeling and understanding of the practice. Seeing dark places as charnel grounds and opportunities for practice, using vows to engage wakefulness, serving others – such a strong and beautiful instruction for us all. What Fleet wrote made me think of a quote from Nagarjuna: “There is nothing more beautiful than a moon emerging from the clouds.” Thank you. I am grateful to have encountered it!”
~ Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel, Buddhist Teacher

“I had a copy of "Sitting Inside" sent to my prisoner friend, a man in lock-down serving a 15 to 30-year sentence. He wrote enthusiastically that he had stayed up most of the night reading the book the day it arrived. He found it put many of his experiences in perspective and offered hope. From the outside, as a new prison volunteer, I found the book invaluable. It helped overcome some of my fears and showed me areas of potential pitfalls to avoid.” ~Nancy L., prison volunteer


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