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“I have tremendous respect for the work of PMI nurturing freedom, inner peace, and human kindness in places where there is precious little of it.

A true example of rehabilitation in its deepest sense: learning to live inside (one’s own body and heart) again. This is necessary work in our society, which, believe it or not, incarcerates a higher percentage of its population than any other country in the world..”

— Jon Kabat-Zinn,
Author & MBSR Founder 


“I have been honored to serve as a PDN spiritual advisor since its founding and fully endorse the work they do.

Through my work with prisoners, I've witnessed the transformative potential of prison meditation programs.

Please Support PDN in any way you can.”

— Pema Chodron,
Teacher & Author

“I am pleased to learn the Prison Dharma Network is working to support rehabilitation through education within the prison system.


I am confident that these projects will be of long-term benefit both to prison inmates and society at large and offer my prayers for success..”

— H.H. Dalai Lama,
Spiritual Leader 

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“How do we bring sanity into one of the most hostile environments of our society ­- prisons? PMI has been responding to this question by working to change prison cultures through mindfulness which creates mental discipline and stability which provides the tools we need to cultivate ease, decency, and compassion.

Isn’t that the point of rehabilitation?
Please support PMI!”

— Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel, Teacher & Author

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Ven. Thrangu Rinpoche

“I am delighted to hear that PDN is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The work they have done with prisoners is wonderful. The Dharma is a way to help free beings from suffering, and so bringing it to those who are experiencing the suffering of imprisonment is especially beneficial. It will help them quiet their minds and find peace and lasting happiness. This is a tremendous service to them and all other beings as well. I hope PDN can continue such a beneficial service for many years to come.

—Ven. Thrangu Rinpoche
Buddhist Teacher & Author

Father Thomas Keating

“Those serving the Prison Dharma Network (Prison Mindfulness Institute) deserve all the support we can give.

— Father Thomas Keating
Minister & Author

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