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Path of Freedom Facilitator Certification Requirements

The PMI Path of Freedom Facilitator Certification requires approximately 300 hours of additional training (plus 50 hours of practice teaching the POF).



  1. Complete Intro: Complete a six-week online “Intro to the Path of Freedom” course with passing grades on all tests (past participants can retake the tests to achieve passing grades for this requirement). Engaged in all discussions. 

  2. Mindfulness Teacher Certification: Complete our MTT300-Hr EMI Mindfulness Teacher Certification or one of the three programs listed below. Due to the plethora of mindfulness teacher trainings now available online, we will only accept certifications from programs we recognize as on the same level of training as our own EMI training, such as the  MARC Training UCLA, Mindfulness Training Institute, or the MBSR (Brown) 3-6 year teacher training program. You will need to provide a teaching certificate of completion from one of these programs AND a letter of recommendation from a teacher/mentor in the program you completed.

  3. Evaluation & Recommendation: Receive a positive evaluation and written recommendation from a senior EMI/PMI faculty or another lead teacher from the Mindfulness Teacher Certification Program you completed.

  4. Practice Teaching: Complete 50 hours of documented Path of Freedom facilitation (supervised by an approved Path of Freedom mentor–supervision can be done via webcam–contact us if you wish to begin this step. This step will require regular online reporting post-classes you lead) Note: You can begin working on your 50 hours of supervised POF facilitation following the Intro webinar, and before or during your Mindfulness Teacher Training. Just ensure you set up the PMI POF mentoring and reporting process with us. Hours you have taught *before setting up this process will not count. 

  5. Recordings: Submit four (4) 20-minute videotapes on Zoom technology of your leading Path of Freedom course material 

  6. Final Interview:  Zoom interview with Path of Freedom Certification Committee after all other requirements are satisfied.

Note:   The PMI Certification Committee reserves the right to ask any participant to complete further training and/or practice teaching prior to granting Path of Freedom Facilitator certification.


PMI Certified POF Facilitators



  • John MacAdams (senior teacher)


  • Barbara George


  • Lori Laser


  • K. Vita Pires-Crisp (senior teacher & trainer)

  • Fleet Maull (senior teacher & trainer)

  • Mark O’Leary

  • Buck Reidy

  • Nealy Zimmerman

  • Ariel Pliskin

  • Micah Thanhauser


  • Stephen Barry

North Carolina:

  • George Coan

  • Sheila Garrick


  • Doug McCanne


  • Debra Callahan

  • Gary Schapiro

Rhode Island:

  • Rebecca Foster

  • Richard Sylvester

  • Jonah David


  • Michael Watkins


  • Jozo Novak


  • Pake Hall

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