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Alex’s poem

Updated: May 26, 2020

Poetry was never one of my strong points in life. To this day, it still isn’t. However, writing what I feel, and how things and situations affect me and others are. When I hear the words “Path of Freedom,” I think of a way out of slavery/bondage, an escape route, a way out of trouble. For me Path of Freedom is an escape, but on a different level. It allows me to escape this world while being a part of this world.

There are a lot of crazy situations going on around the world, but more importantly, at home. Not just your household, but your neighborhood, your community, your city, and your state. Someone is doing this, everyone hating that, the news said this, the President said that. It’s the same wherever you go. It’s enough to drive you up a wall, and more. So what do you do? Simple.

Take a couple of deep breaths, sit somewhere you can be alone, sit with your back in a straight position, keep your feet flat on the floor, put your hands flat on your lap, relax your jaw, keep your head level, close your eyes or keep then open, aimed a couple feet in front of you, and let go.

“Wait, what are you trying to tell me to do? It doesn’t seem that simple.” Well, at first glance it looks complicated. However, if you look at it again, I just explained how to meditate. Now what is meditation? A deep mental exercise directed towards a heightened level of spiritual awareness. In short, an escape.


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Meditation is wonderful. It keeps me humble

and causes me not to stumble while the world around me crumbles.

The feeling is so real, living in the here, while

others are near, I will not fear. Time alone with myself, thinking

about my health. I keep returning to my breath as

I lay my head to rest. We all have struggles in this world, for

every boy and every girl. But if we keep our minds

clear, we can take control and steer our bodies back to

where we feel so near to family and friends so dear.

Peace begins in here and to breathe easy and with no fear. Peace.

Author: Alex

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