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Announcement: Path of Freedom 60K Enrolled

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Our Path of Freedom (mindfulness-based emotional intelligence) course is available for prisoners in many states in the US now on the “Edovo” App. The course was created by Vita Pires (Kate Crisp). Former prisoner Fleet Maull is the instructor of the video course. If you are teaching the POF or working with folks in prisons, ask them if they have tablets and tell them to keep an eye out for Edovo (which is currently rolling out in most other states not listed below). The POF is listed as a course from Prison Mindfulness Institute. Edovo is an organization that provides educational content to prisons around the US with their prison-specific app. Our POF course has been on Endovo for seven+ years. Also, we will be rolling out several shorter mindfulness-based courses on Endovo in 2023. 60,000+ Enrolled in POF! Currently, as of today, there are 60K+ prisoners enrolled in the course in:

  1. Alabama

  2. Arizona

  3. Arkansas

  4. California

  5. Colorado

  6. Florida

  7. Georgia

  8. Idaho

  9. Illinois

  10. Massachusetts

  11. Maine

  12. Montana

  13. Michigan

  14. Minnesota

  15. New Hampshire

  16. New York

  17. New Jersey

  18. North Carolina

  19. Oklahoma

  20. Oregon

  21. Pennsylvania

  22. South Carolina

  23. Texas

  24. Washington State ....and more states in 2023

Updated Today, November 12

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