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Be Free and Soar

Updated: May 26, 2020

This affirmation, written by a Books Behind Bars recipient,  arrived in the mail this week.

Be Free and Soar 

You will meet this life challenge

With the strength of your Willpower, Integrity and Truth

Look to your Wisdom, Confidence, and Inner Guidance

Trust in Your Self

And the guidance of the creator – your higher self.

Be patient, hang in there, and persevere

You will not be forsaken

No matter how bleak things appear

Honour your Physical, Mental, Spiritual well-being

Know and cherish your worth.

Build Honesty, Understanding, Trust, Expression

Among others and yourself

Give it and accept it.

Life is a symbiotic effort and process.

May you have invigorating and substantial blessings.

May your adventures be

Mind-expanding, spiritually-uplifting and body-empowering.

Don’t grasp or cling to Life.

Nor take up aversion or flee from it.

Go there, don’t run there.

And embrace it.

You will succeed!

Regardless of the outcome.

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