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Being Teachable at All Times...

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Recently at a prison Zoom class, we discussed the "Holding Your Seat" session based on Chapter Four of the Path of Freedom book. I asked what they were learning so far in the class.

"I'm learning to discipline myself every day and be comfortable in my own skin. What I'm learning to deal with every day is all the negative energy in here. Nevertheless, I have to understand that this is something I've subjected myself to. So I capitalize a negative thought with a positive thought. So, I'm learning from everybody here and humbling myself every day. And I like how he said (Salim in the POF Video we played at the beginning of the class), "This is a place to work on being a better person and not a better criminal." I know now I don't have to be a follower who keeps on gravitating to all the negative things that I've been so accustomed to. You know, that's a heavy piece that I got out of that film clip, and I liked what he said."

Another man said:

"I'm finding a way to make space with my breath, do the processing and analyze things for what they are worth and learn something at the same time. Because of this experience of being locked up, even here, you can learn from everybody and everything. So I learned to be open to being teachable at all times and To do that, I have to humble myself."


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