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Books Behind Bars

This beautiful letter arrived today from an incarcerated man, accompanied by an original art piece entitled “Eye of Rain”:

Thank you for the book “Loving Kindness”.  I’m glad to hear you liked the picture I sent. Here’s another. The Theraveda reading material and related books I receive mean a lot to me. I really appreciate you sending them to me. Today is my birthday, and although I’m away from my family, I feel better because of the teachings than any birthday I can remember. I have turned my prison cell into a solitary place of study and meditation.  When my sentence is over I am confident I will have a far better life, and my family will as well. I can’t offer much in return for your kindness, but if some reason my drawings can help, consider me grateful. I intend to do work with at-risk children and teenagers when I’m done doing my time – maybe at detention centers or group homes doing counseling with journal writings, meditation, visual and breathing exercises, emotional management, and other creative interactions. I consider you my friend in the effort you make in helping me with my studies. Thank you again for everything you do.


Eye of Rain

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