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Change Inside/Outside

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Last night was our third session with the men – Change: Inside Out/Outside In. Most of the 10 men present were engaged in the conversation and material. Not many would talk about or even say they did the last week’s Homework Practice. However, one said he had the best night’s sleep in many months. Last week, this man wondered when the benefit our flyer mentioned, of better sleep, would come. Well, he has his answer now.

This same man later shared that he now sees his term as the best thing ever happening to him, saving his life. He now sees a chance to get out and have a new life—great insight for a 26-year-old.

The men opened up in response to our questions and topics. We had to tie their comments back to the material on change, and they provided much fodder for this.

We left very heartened that the value is being revealed and received.

Report By POF Facilitator Alan in Massachusetts

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