Communication, Gothenburg, Sweden

The week before Easter we meet the group in the prison for the class on Communication. One of the guys has been poking at his neighbour quite a bit during the meditations. This day he seemed even more agitated. During the check-in he told us he was up for release during the Easter weekend and that it felt good… and bad. That seems to be coming back. When the men in our group talk about release it’s both the green grass on the other side AND the scary place where everything can go wrong. But when they put words on it and share with each other in a somewhat honest way it’s like the “Demons of Release” loosen their grip. At least a bit. That it becomes ok to have that paradoxical feelings about getting out.

During the class one thing that really catch one of the other men is when Rebecka talks about different styles of listening and says: “To really communicate with the other we have to be able to listen deeply. Communication always starts with listening to the Other.” And this guy who always talks a lot and get teased by the others about it sometimes really freeze in his chair. And I interpret it to symbolize how the pieces of the puzzles finally fits. Then he says, or mumbles to himself: “I don’t always do that…”

And the meditations are wonderful – at least for me. There’s a deep silence and seriousness. A energy of – this matters!

Gassho Pake

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