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Cross Country Trip to Benefit Women and Children in Prison

Long time contributor and member of PDN, Walpole has spent 15 years teaching Zen meditation and secular meditation in over 20 prisons, with students ranging from death-row and federal penitentiary populations to youthful offenders. On his tour he will speak about incarceration, the re-entry process, and unknown costs that affect the public sector. The primary focus will be to create an awareness of the scope and magnitude of the problem. He intends to blog his way across the country every day and has created a blog that we will post here as well.


He says: “What I would like from PDN is awareness of the trip. Also, I need some help in getting venues and audiences. I have six people working on this and we have about 15 talks scheduled but I would like to do maybe 40 talks in 60 days. Also, many of the talks are at Zen Centers and I don’t thing there will be as much advertising as I would like to reach outside the Buddhist community. By throwing a wider net, the message will get out to more people. The biggest place that has been a blank is San Francisco. Need to find someone out there to host”

If you can host a talk or KC please write him at


The second goal of his trip is to raise money to build a re-entry center, designed by incarcerated women, that could prove to be a model for both religious and secular organizations to use. To learn more about Walpole and his trip, including topics of the presentations, schedule, and more, click here.

To learn more about Gateless Gate Zen Center, click here.

To donate to the trip or to the re-entry center, click here.

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